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Photography: Moving Back, Part II

As promised, here’s the second photographic illustration of my move back home to New Jersey. Many of these were taken from and near my favorite park, Kittatinny Valley State Park, but others were from my backyard and other New Jersey parks.  I also couldn’t restrain myself from including a few shots of Central Park.

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Photography: Moving Back, Part I

Last month I moved from Somerville, MA to New Jersey to live at home while I plan out my next steps. I have a lot of photos of the past year that I have yet to organize, but I’m really drawn to this collection from my last week living in the Boston area. They capture the bittersweet feeling of leaving the urban and suburban environments I called “home” for five years, including the little details of my first apartment. This is the first part of the move; the second part, captured by the nature of my exurban New Jersey home, will follow.

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